Registration Changes?

Wave Time Changes and Registration Transfers from one participant to another may be completed the Day of the Event at the venue ONLY!

To complete a Registration Transfer, have the new participant bring a copy of the original registrants confirmation email to the POST REGISTRATION Line. There is a $15 cash only fee to make the switch.

Please arrive at least ONE HOUR prior to your event start time to finalize your registration.

A Wave Time Change from a KIDZ Family Wave to an Adult Wave must be completed at the POST REGISTRATION line. There is a $15 cash only fee to facilitate the switch.

All adult wave running bibs are color coded and wave specific. If you are wanting to run in a LATER adult wave than you originally registered in, you do not need to make a formal wave time change. If you are switching to earlier wave slot than what you originally registered for, you must make a formal wave change at the POST REGISTRATION line the day of the event to get the correct colored bib.

There is a $15 cash only fee to make a wave time change. Please allow at least ONE HOUR to finalize your registration. Arrive Early!

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Our Mud Factor Customer Service team handles all customer inquiries in the order received and in a timely fashion. We can respond to most inquiries within 48 hours. If this wait is too long, please feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions for an answer.

Please VERIFY your email address. We cannot reply if it's incorrect.
Waive time changes, registration transfers to new participants, and event deferments are completed ONLINE. See link in Registration Changes Description.

Did you sign up for the wrong event?

You can change your registration location here.

Want to change your wave time?

You can change your wave time here.

Want to transfer your registration to a friend?

You can transfer your registration here.

Not able to attend an event you signed up for?

Defer your registration to next year here.

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