Looking to get involved? We’d love to have you. Mud Factor events are far from a one-man show; it takes an enthusiastic team to create an enjoyable experience. Working at an MF event has its perks, but be prepared to get your hustle on. Contact our event coordinator and come be a part of something badass.

What we do for our Crüe

One Free Registration to any future event, an MF Crüe T Shirt, Bandana, Sticker, Wristband, Achievement Medal and your choice of one item below (designs subject to change)– A $200 Value!

Volunteers Needed

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  • Obstacle Directors
  • Obstacle Spotting
  • Course Attendant
  • Greeters
  • Registration Directors
  • Bib and Number Helper
  • Festival/Finish Line Help
  • Parking
  • Bag Check
  • Wash Station Attendant

MF Crüe must be 16+

Must have a great MF Attitude

This is an All Day Commitment

Participants May Not Volunteer

Creative design from the South

Get in touch with us!